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Training for soccer players
We offer the following to the soccer players - from beginner to professional level - of all ages who wish to develop as a player and want to obtain contracts with football clubs.  
  • Socker training for boys and girls in high school that is integrated in the student's studies. Here education is coordinated with individual training. Training can be posted in three or four years. Besides boarding accommodation is offered students. 
  • Group training in mixed groups where both boys and girls train together regardless of age. However, the emphasis is always on the individual exercise in which players make progress towards their own goals.
  • The training is conducted mostly outdoors. During the indoor season is access to the halls and rooms including weight training. Players get scheduled training suited to other activities such as studies.
  • The priority lies in technical details, speed and agility, and mental training. Precisely the latter is about getting the player to learn to know his own qualities. In order to satisfy players' needs, access to qualified personal coaches is available. This means that players have access to a team that together with them plan and carry out training.
  • Football Academy, FASA is independent of the clubs. This gives players the advantage of working with other coaches and players outside their clubs and simultaneously being exposed to new ideas and methods.
  • Players have the opportunity to train with and test against players from elite clubs in Sweden and abroad as the Football Academy, FASA also is engaged in individual training with players at the elite level.
  • Development and monitoring of individual skills will be based on the following broad areas and topics:

Individual technology training

a) Ball Treatment

· Ball Control

· dribbling

· Passing game

· Receptions

· Inrush

· Shots

b) Game

· Challenge

· Streaming

· Individual defensive play

Individual physical training

· Speed

· Plyometric

· Strength

· explosivity

· Mobility / Flexibility

· Endurance

· Coordination

· Balance


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